Feng Shui Consultation – The Benefits Using the Different Formulae Together

It is common practice For a feng shui consultant to utilize a range of tools in his or her training. Various areas of the property necessitate using different kinds of feng shui formula.

Each formula has its Attributes – has its own strength and its weakness. Consequently, the consultant would have to be aware of when to apply that formula for that specific purpose. In all crafts which I Know of, there’s always a range of tools available so the job can be done properly. Take the example of cooking in the house.

We utilize various types of knives to prepare the food that include:

  • small knives for Delicate cutting soft cloth like vegetables,
  • carving vegetable knife,
  • paring knife,
  • bread knife,
  • carving meat ,
  • large and heavy knife for chopping larger pieces of meat.

A meal has all these Various components like vegetables, meat and bread. Various knives are utilized to manage the various elements of the meal. 1 knife would not be able to manage all the various functions correctly in the preparation of a meal.

This is the same with feng shui consultation. Each property is different – but there are common elements in them – rooms with people inside them.

Therefore, different Formulae are used for the various elements of the construction. We should not forget the people. They do not just live there, we must help them improve their lives.

The Mix of feng shui formulae

Form School: it is all about the location and the plan of the property. Is your property getting the energy? Is it true that the energy spread to the furthest corners of the home or is it just stuck in one place? Where are the bathrooms?

  • Flying Star: This formulation is all about timing. Is your property timely? Do check whether the construction is current. Where would be the auspicious and inauspicious rooms?
  • Eight House: This formulation is all about people. Are people eating, sleeping and working in the best possible places?
  • Da Kua: possess the auspicious locations be identified. Could it be used to assist the folks in the house?

All these formulae are Part of this mix. It is up to the skill and understanding of the feng shui consultant about what he used and how he uses it. I have described all the above formulae in more detail previously. In my opinion, it is Not the number of formulae that the adviser uses that is vital. What is Significant is the result for the customer after the feng shui consultant has done his work. It is the client is welfare which matters most.