Ensure the company implementing important fair employment practices

Fairness in the selection process is the first step in achieving the diversity in the workforce and in creating an inclusive organization that can innovate, engage employees, increase productivity, and be profitable. Make sure the company follows these five fair employment practices in singapore.

Using comprehensive language

Applicants should check for the job ads of the organization are clear and comprehensive.  Language should be familiar to all the diversified candidates who applying for this job. Job description should be concise and detailed.

age discrimination in workplace examples

Should have skill assessment test

A skill test is an efficient and effective way to ensure that hiring decisions are based on merit. The company can assess a candidate’s pre-employment skill set to decide whether they are capable of taking on the level of responsibility for the specific job.

Make sure they include blind hiring practices

A blind hiring practice involves hiding a candidate’s identifying characteristics from their application that are unrelated to their experience and abilities. A blind application may obscure information such as the candidate’s name, education, hobbies, age, and gender. Ideally, blind hiring excludes any data that could influence a hiring team’s opinion based on factors unrelated to the applicant’s skills.

Use job related selection criteria

Check whether the organization has proceeded with the hiring team to hire the potential candidate based on the job-related selection criteria. To evaluate each person by the criteria that is related to the job.

Diverse hiring teams  

Diverse hiring teams contribute to fair hiring practices. Create an interview panel consisting of employees who can oversee the process. You can add more perspectives to the hiring process when you use a hiring panel.